Who we are?


IEEE Computer Society is the largest of 39 technical societies organized under the IEEE Technical Activities Board. It supports more than 200 chapters worldwide and participates in educational activities at all levels of the profession, including distance learning, accreditation of higher education programs in computer science, and professional certification in software engineering.

Here in IEEE DUTh CS SBC , we always try to make the most of our knowledge and combine our interest fields to make pioneering and inspiring computer-based projects. Our mission is to cooperate with each other in a helpful climate to examine the application of Computer Science to the other fields of Electrical Engineers such as Energy and Telecommunications. Through our annual teams and our events, you will be able to explore this world and use university knowledge to turn your ideas into reality.

Our Student Chapter Advisor: Pavlos S. Efraimidis

Cybersecurity Team
In our team members deal, after first getting acquainted with the necessary knowledge of programming, networks and operating systems, with the exploitation of vulnerabilities in computer systems and the analysis and creation of penetration testing tools. Our aim is to analyze security issues both in terms of software and hardware and in addition we test our knowledge through wargames, CTFs and vulnerable virtual machines.

Georgios Karamanidis
Ilias Chanis

Game Development Team
Our goal is our members to get familiar with the environment and tools of Unity Game Engine. Introducing them to basic concepts of scripting, animation, environment, level design and asset creation we will create a 2D Puzzle Platformer.

Dimitris Karagiannis - Karousos
Georgios Gravalos
Maria – Areti Germanou

Python For Engineers Team
Our team provides a comprehensive introduction to programming using Python, through examples and small applications and next, we aim to move on to more complex applications that specifically use the Python language, (such as Data Analysis, Machine Learning, AI) to explore areas of modern technology through a more specialized perspective.

Aristidis Sidiropoulos