IEEE IAS (Industry Applications Society) is founded in 1965 , just 2 years after the establishment of IEEE. It aspires to connect theory and practice in electrical systems, to design and manufacture safe and reliable infrastructures, services and equipment. Also an important part of its work is the development of a safe, productive and environmentally-friendly Industry. Being one of the largest societies of the Institute since it consists of more than 14,000 members across 370 chapters globally.

At IEEE IAS DUTh, we have a vision of upgrading the science of Electrical Engineering via innovative and pioneering ideas and actions of educational content as well. We believe that the broadening of horizons and the advancement in research is of paramount importance. In order to achieve that we have created annual researching groups based in the needs of the modern Electrical Engineer, we organize educational excursions, workshops, seminars and lectures covering a wide range of interests and knowledge.

Our Student Chapter Advisor: Athanasios D. Karlis

Materialysis Team
“Materialysis” is a team that aims to educate its members about exotic materials. More specific it includes a study of the properties of materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar, Titanium, Inconel and Oobleck. It also includes the study of other materials such as semiconductors,where they are used and why, but also the various materials used in batteries. Finally we aim to deal with heat-resistant materials, ceramics and a lost super-material known as "Starlite", and we will try to create a similar material.

Paulos Tzitzos